About Us
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About Us

At Number 9 Creative, we use our marketing expertise and our IT knowledge to get creative with our technology solutions and get technical with our marketing solutions.

Our firm is an embodiment of disciplines – advertising & design, and marketing all rooted in our experience working for IT companies, and providing IT services and solutions.

Our experience comes from all the different tiers in the supply chain from working for product vendors/manufacturers to the largest storage distributor in the world to a few different resellers, and then going into business for ourselves finally.

What Sets Us Apart

About Our Creative Services

We are not simply a design firm. All of our services are performed with your business objectives in mind, and with a collaborative effort by people from different areas of expertise. This allows us to use best practices in all that we do. We take into account your brand, your goals, your customers, and your culture. We don’t simply perform tasks for you, we engage with you and help analyze your business’ needs to ensure your success. We commit to you fully and look for the big picture to identify your company’s potential.

We’re also priced with your business in mind. You’ll always get costs up front-no surprises on your invoices like bloated hours of supposed “services completed” on your behalf. We believe that the planning process is our job so we will never charge you extra for holding planning meetings.

About Our Technology Solutions

Our aim is to provide our customers with a simplified IT experience by providing them an online resource to quickly and easy purchase used & new IT equipment. We offer up-front pricing, bulk discounts, and a variety of shipping options to ensure every customer’s needs are met.

We also provide a variety of solution-based IT services.