Lead Research Services
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Lead Research Services

Finding the right contacts in a sea of names for your salespeople to call or email can be difficult, time-consuming and costly. Number 9 Creative has perfected the process of finding contacts that are relevant to your organization. Our proprietary research methods ensure the most accurate data available by utilizing multiple databases, social networking, and other directories. We provide contacts with phone numbers, email addresses, and other relevant information to enable your sales team, with minimal effort on your part – instead of wasting time calling on the wrong people from purchased lists, or researching their own list of contacts when they could be developing opportunities.

Contact us today about our cost-effective lead research services and ensure your salespeople are spending their time doing what they do best – selling.

Our Lead Research Services
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We utilize and cross-reference various databases to ensure the contacts are relevant.


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We upload all of the contacts and company information into Salesforce, making it easily accessible.


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The phone numbers and email addresses provided are based on the most accurate information available.


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Our process for finding leads produces quality results with the right decision-makers your company needs.


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Focus on quality contacts means leads are more likely to close.


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Our research may help you find more targets and marketing opportunities.


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We research 3-5 relevant contacts per account, increasing the likelihood of a response.


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The value of targeted leads is greater than generic purchased lists.


Contact Us About Our Lead Research Services
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