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The Blog

Meet the crew

Lars Focke specialises in capturing patterns and turning them into ethereal beauty.

  • A local computer storage reseller contacted us at Number 9 Creative when they realized they had outgrown the abilities of the web marketing manager they’d been workin

  • Everyone wants a happy ending, but how do you tap into that for a successful ad campaign? People are skeptical and risk-averse, which makes our jobs creating advertisements

  • Companies are flocking to social media like people to California during the Gold Rush. Like many of those people, some companies are finding the “promised land”

  • I recently read an article about how B2B marketing is changing very rapidly, and how a lot of B2B marketing is failing because of the buyer. According to the article: ̶

  • One of my favorite parts of this infographic is the Spirit Animal. I could definitely see myself as a peacock! Also if you’re a fan of AMC’s Mad Men you can see

  • The advertising eye of Sauron has been fixed on the Millennials lately…but why? The Millennials are the biggest generation – exceeding even the Baby Boomer gene

  • I’m a little late posting this, but you may have read the headlines last month about Bank of America back-pedaling on its proposed $5 debit card fees because people w

  • I stumbled upon this post from Meeting Boy with a list of the top 29 hated office buzzwords. Personally, I think the worst offenders are marketers. The Problem With Buzzwor

  • According to people in San Francisco, CA, McDonald’s Happy Meal toys are responsible for obesity in children. The “enticing toys” are like catnip to child