5 Easy Tips for Perfect Content Every Time
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5 Easy Tips for Perfect Content Every Time

5 Easy Tips for Perfect Content Every Time

eMarketer Digital Marketing Priorities Company SurveyBusinesses are learning more and more about the importance of CONTENT. In fact, a survey of client-side marketers worldwide by eMarketer found that content marketing was the #1 digital marketing priority for 2013.

But it’s not just about having content, it’s about having QUALITY content that matters. If you’re diving into the world of content marketing, here are 5 tips to ensure you always have perfect content:


5 Tips for Perfect Content Marketing Content

1. Proofread, Proofread, Proofread – The number one thing you can do for your content is PROOFREAD. Read it in multiple formats like on-screen and printed paper to help spot mistakes. Ask other people to read it. Run it through a MS Word spelling/grammar check. Take a day and read it again.

2. Avoid Content by Committee – Your content isn’t meant to be everything including the kitchen sink. Content by committee can dull the intended message as well as lead to an inconsistent voice/writing style. It can also add unnecessary length. Less is more, keep it simple, you know the drill.

3. Research – Back up your content with facts. Doing your research ensures that what your content is saying is accurate. Throw in some statistics and add some sources. Doing your research will add credibility to what you’re saying and ultimately you/your business.

4. Writing Style – It’s important to write in a conversational tone. Do you remember reading textbooks in school? Overly technical language meant for learning is, well, boring – to most. Write in the way you would converse with somebody. Tell a story. Ask questions and engage your reader.

5. Don’t Leave People Hanging – If the title says 5 things (like this one!) add a numbered list. People have the tendency to skim what they’re reading so if they don’t see the 1-5 things they’re looking for they could simply exit. If you’re going to do a long lead-up to the promised content make it relevant and interesting. Also be sure that your content does what it says it’s going to.


There are many other steps you can take to make sure your content is perfect every time, but following these five steps will give you a great start!

If your business needs any help with your own content marketing efforts contact us today!

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