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  • Marketing Buzzwords Everybody Hates (But You?)

    I stumbled upon this post from Meeting Boy with a list of the top 29 hated office buzzwords. Personally, I think the worst offenders are marketers. The Problem With Buzzwords People are prone to using buzzwords because they want to appear current (think Dr. Evil “I’m hip. I’m with it”) and they think it makes […]

  • Funny ‘Cause It’s True – Anatomy of an Ad Agency Infographic

    One of my favorite parts of this infographic is the Spirit Animal. I could definitely see myself as a peacock! Also if you’re a fan of AMC’s Mad Men you can see distinct similarities between the characters on the show and their jobs according to this infographic (especially the booze). Via Brand Infection

  • Is B2P the New B2B?

    I recently read an article about how B2B marketing is changing very rapidly, and how a lot of B2B marketing is failing because of the buyer. According to the article: “Studies continue to confirm that, when it comes to making a buying decision, they have more access to technology, more interaction with their peers via […]

  • Everyone Wants a Happy Ending…In Advertising

    Everyone wants a happy ending, but how do you tap into that for a successful ad campaign? People are skeptical and risk-averse, which makes our jobs creating advertisements a challenge at times, but people also crave success, recognition, and that happy ending. This is why get-rich-quick schemes have been so successful in the past (for […]