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  • Evidence Why B2B SMB’s Need a Social Media Presence

    If you’re a B2B small to medium-sized business looking to invest in social media, this study is for you. According to an article by¬†eMarketer: “For B2B small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), Facebook is for traffic, and Twitter is for leads. That, at least, is the conclusion of an analysis of 600 US B2B SMB websites […]

  • Are Your Stock Photos Scaring Away Customers?

    Case after case AGAINST the use of stock photos can be found on the internet from marketers to photographers; but cliched stock photos continue to make appearances on website after website and ad after ad. Are stock photos really so bad that they could be scaring away your customers? Why Stock Photos Are Bad Stock […]

  • Is B2P the New B2B?

    I recently read an article about how B2B marketing is changing very rapidly, and how a lot of B2B marketing is failing because of the buyer. According to the article: “Studies continue to confirm that, when it comes to making a buying decision, they have more access to technology, more interaction with their peers via […]