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  • 10 Website Sins That Drive Away Customers

    If your web traffic is falling flat, dropping off, or non-existent, you may have to take a hard look at the website itself. Web designers and internet gurus know there are cardinal rules to follow for quality web design, but not every website out there was created with these in mind. Here are 10 website […]

  • Are Your Stock Photos Scaring Away Customers?

    Case after case AGAINST the use of stock photos can be found on the internet from marketers to photographers; but cliched stock photos continue to make appearances on website after website and ad after ad. Are stock photos really so bad that they could be scaring away your customers? Why Stock Photos Are Bad Stock […]

  • Consumer Power Trumps Brand Loyalty

    I’m a little late posting this, but you may have read the headlines last month about Bank of America back-pedaling on its proposed $5 debit card fees because people were unhappy about it. People, who could have been loyal customers to the end, were doing the unthinkable – taking their business elsewhere *gasp*. The Credit […]

  • Why Millennials?

    The advertising eye of Sauron has been fixed on the Millennials lately…but why? The Millennials are the biggest generation – exceeding even the Baby Boomer generation in size (77 million Baby Boomers, 82 million Millennials [US population is 312,511,989]) and Millenials could be the most different generation because of their upbringing and the amount of […]