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  • Does Organic SEO Really Boost Purchase Consideration?

    Most experts know that brand awareness can be a key component to purchase consideration; after all, who’s going to buy your product if they aren’t aware of your brand? While most everyone hopes that with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), they will see higher sales and at the very least, more inbound leads, a lot of plans don’t consider it as a brand awareness vehicle.

  • McDonald’s Finds Loophole To Save Brand Culture

    According to people in San Francisco, CA, McDonald’s Happy Meal toys are responsible for obesity in children. The “enticing toys” are like catnip to children, turning them in ravenous beasts who overpower their adult parents – forcing them to drive the maniacal beasts their children have become to the neighborhood McDonald’s where they eat bad […]

  • Consumer Power Trumps Brand Loyalty

    I’m a little late posting this, but you may have read the headlines last month about Bank of America back-pedaling on its proposed $5 debit card fees because people were unhappy about it. People, who could have been loyal customers to the end, were doing the unthinkable – taking their business elsewhere *gasp*. The Credit […]