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  • How Online Reputation Management Can Save Your Business From Internet Meltdowns

    As someone who doesn’t watch a ton of TV, I was lucky enough to catch the tail end of a disastrous “Kitchen Nightmares” episode. This episode was also the first time in the history of the show that the famous Chef Gordon Ramsay was unable to help the restaurant – Amy’s Baking Company – who have become the latest Internet sensation in the category of social media meltdowns.

  • Google+ Updates Change Profile Pic, Cover Photo and More

    You may have heard about the changes that are coming to Facebook, but perhaps less newsworthy information is that Google+ began rolling out new updates this week which may affect the look of your profile.

  • Evidence Why B2B SMB’s Need a Social Media Presence

    If you’re a B2B small to medium-sized business looking to invest in social media, this study is for you. According to an article by¬†eMarketer: “For B2B small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), Facebook is for traffic, and Twitter is for leads. That, at least, is the conclusion of an analysis of 600 US B2B SMB websites […]

  • The Biggest Reason To Get Yer CEO A’Twitterin’

    Sorry we’ve been MIA lately! We’ve been deep in the trenches, working late, and keeping the coffee industry alive and well. This is a quick post with this interesting graph from eMarketer Daily: This seems like enough evidence to get your CEO hooked up to your social media efforts. What are your thoughts?